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We provide Rat Inspection Reports required for Baltimore County & Baltimore City Demolition Permits

       AllPest Exterminators are experts in the control of mice and rats. Our Rodent Control Service's include a thorough inspection of all potential harborages inside and outside, all food and water sources and possible points of entry into your home or structure. During our initial visit to your property we will suggest control procedures and preventative measures. Our services can be a one time treatment or a regularly scheduled monthly service. Call us for a quote over the Phone at 410-288-9300

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House Mouse- Mus musculus
Norway Rat- Rattus norvegicus

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Ears: Large in proportion to body
Snout: Pointed
Weight & Size adult: Approx.3/4-1 oz. / 6-7 inches in length (tip of nose to end of tail)
Fur: Silky dusty gray, brown-gray.
Ears: Small in proportion to body
Snout: Blunt
Weight & Size adult: Approx.10-18 oz. / 12-18 inches in length (tip of nose to end of tail)
Fur: Coarse, Generally red-brown to gray-brown.
Why is rodent control so important? Throughout human history rodents have been an important host animal to many diseases and plagues. Rodents are the host of external parasites such as fleas and ticks that directly cause several diseases.  Some of these diseases include Plague, Typhus, Leptospirous, Rat Bite Fever, Rabies and the more recently documented Hantavirus. Hantavirus is a rarely contracted disease but it can be fatal even with treatment. The virus is found in the droppings and urine of deer mouse or white footed mouse. Be very careful when handling these droppings. (Hantavirus link)
   Rodents also soil our indoor environments with urine and rodent feces. Studies have shown that these droppings are a major allergen for children with asthma. Rodents contaminate our food supplies with potentially harmful germs and bacteria. Its very important to eliminate  rodent problems as soon as they appear.
What physical damage do rodents cause?  In addition to the disease causing potential of rodents they also can be quite destructive.  Rodents front teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. The rodent must continually gnaw on objects to wear down these teeth so they do not grow too long. This gnawing activity can cause damage to electrical lines, burglar alarms and to the base of doors and entrance ways. Rodents will also seek out soft nesting materials and will gnaw at items stored in basements, sheds and garages. These items include patio furniture cushions, pool covers, stored clothing and bedding.

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