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Hello, On this page you can download the Termite Tool Box Desktop Stress reliever game for your PC. ( KId's, please get permission from an adult before downloading)

To begin your download, click the Download Termite Tool Box Stress Reliever Game link below and follow the instructions.

Cick Run to install the game now, or click on Save to save the installer to your desktop for later installation.

When you are asked where you want to save the game, just click on browse and pick a folder to save the file to, or you can save the file to your desktop.(Remember where you saved it at)

Click on the Termite Tool Box Icon to start game.

To turn off the game. Click the esc key twice on your keyboard.

If you want to unistall the game. Simply delete the icon

Have fun!

To begin download, click on the link below

Download Termite Tool Box Stress Reliever Game Application

In order to download the game. You will have to allow the download. This file is virus free, however anytime you download anything from the internet. It is always at your own risk. By downloading the file above, you agree you will not hold AllPest Exterminators or our affiliates responsible for any damages to your computer.

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