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AllPest Pest Control Service in Baltimore

Bob Kluver, owner at AllPest Exterminators has been providing Pest Control Services in Baltimore and the surrounding communities since the age of 16 years old, working part time for his neighbor who owned a local pest control company located in Dundalk & Edgemere Maryland. After a short 3 year stint in the US Army, Bob returned to work in the pest control industry.

Bob has over 49 years of pest control expertise in the control of pretty much every kind of pest problem you can think of. ...and some that you may not want to think of.

AllPest Exterminators was established here in Baltimore in October of 1999 by Bob Kluver and his family (Rob & Tara)

The professional team at AllPest Exterminators does handle many common residential and commercial pest problems indigent to our area, and from the first phone call to the last pest. We will do whatever it takes to get your pest problems under control and keep it that way.

We are constantly researching the most advanced pest control products available today. We use The very best Bait Gels and other approved products for ants and roaches. We safely apply rodent baits and mechanical traps for controlling and eliminating rats or mice.

We use the very best pest control procedures available, such as Termidor Treatment for termite control and outside ant control.

Roaches are controlled with a gel roach bait on the initial treatment. We then use a combination of gel bait and a minimum amount of pesticide spray or dusts as needed on our routine monthy services and in many cases pesticides are not necessary at all. There is no need to go through the hassle of completely emptying all the cabinets because there are no sprays to contaminate your food, dishes, or other items in your home or business. Also people and pests can stay while baits are applied.

The use of baits are a welcome change from the old way of controlling pests. No more annoying odors from pesticides. This is especially important to business owners worried about lingering pesticide odors disturbing there customers and staff. and pest control can virtually be performed anytime of the day or week, which is good for us all, and helps keep our production up and our labor costs low, this helps us to keep our prices to our customers so reasonable, and of coarse the most important reason we use baits and gels is the fact that total pest elimination is now a reality and that is what we can provide!

When your problem is Termites. AllPest believes we offer the best price and service. Most treatments can be done from outside the home, eliminating drilling holes through that nice ceramic tile floor. We offer a five year warranty with every termite treatment. Our goal is to eliminate every termite in your home in 3 months or less.

Got Ants? Allpest also topically treats the exterior perimeter of your home or other structures with Termidor. We use baits and sprays designed for ant control inside the home and strategically place bait stations to keep killing ants and thus eliminating the colony over time. Our customers love our ant treatments.

Mice or Rats: We inspect outside and seal small openings around the exterior foundation level of your home. We safely place tamper proof bait stations where required, inside or outside. We are careful not to place baits or traps where children or pets can readily access them. Call us for more details about our treatment for rodents.

Fleas, Spiders, Crickets, Waterbugs, Stink Bugs and pretty much every general pest are treated using the most effective products available. Rest assured we are as concerned about safety as you are.

So whatever your pest problem, why not give us a call today. Our price's are affordable and the results will have you amazed! Our customers just can't believe how well our service has worked for them. At Allpest Exterminators we are confident with the services we provide, and will do whatever we can to keep our customers satisfied.

"We Want to be your Exterminator!"

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